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This enormous work, a meter by two meters, revels in the heat and force of masculine energy as embodied in many cultures by the sun. Agerd’s brush strokes build up the image in handsome rectangles, adding a surprising texture to the subject. This is the heart of the active, the emitting. This is the symbol of that quality in all of us that calls us to adventure, to the great work. This is the light of Keter for the kabbalists.


The scale and irregular shape of the sun, along with the unexpected color around the edges, presents an impressive — almost imposing — feature. This would go on to spawn a series of paintings that interrogate the four fundamental elements of the esotericists, including the oceanscape seen in this exhibition.
The sun is also paired with Agerd’s work with the moon, an archetypal image of female energies. The balance between the two, held in the sign of the yin-yang, creates the even-handed path that we must allfind. But Agerd’s art does not describe this as a process of diluting either, rather embracing both fully.


  • 200*100 cm

    Mixed media

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