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Over years of dedicated practice, Agerd developed the Flow method in her London studio. Flow begins by directing small quantities of poured paint across the canvas. Mixing various medias, Agerd crafts striking, colourful vortices and grand cosmic swirls. 


Over these backgrounds, she renders archetypal subjects in acrylics, merging this new abstract technique with realist foregrounds. Agerd has also begun working with semi - precious stones, affixing them to her pieces. These lend her work new energy and dimensionality.


The striking effects of her new Flow method, along with the introduction of stones, established her voice, brought into clearer focus through her point of view and evoking the power of interior states. Agerd creates entire series with an emphasis on their interaction with interior design, creating bespoke items to encourage personal reflection and connection to values.

Today, Agerd’s work appears in private collections across Europe and is exhibited to the public. Additionally, she creates commissioned pieces, with her work appearing at the Mayfair Club. She is also giving back. She joined the prominent UK charity established by the Duchess of York, Children in Crisis, and served on its Board of Women. She currently teaches art to children with an emphasis on creative self-expression and confidence building.

Agerd carries her passion for giving through her everyday life. Following her efforts with Children in Crisis, she now continues to provide for children who are less fortunate by leading talks and lessons in the new Flow techniques with young people through a range of other charities.


Galina Agerd’s work explores the pathways out of our attention-hacking consumerist society. As pervasive social media noise and spectacle debase our ability to live in the moment, we turn more and more to numbing agents to manage the overload — food, drugs, alcohol and over consumption. Our obsession with stimulation and presenting ourselves online erodes our sense of self and our grasp of the grounding, sensuous experiences of a meaningful life. This wall of distraction seals us out of our own inner being. A doorway is needed to get through the noise and back to ourselves; Agerd’s art seeks to build that doorway.


Using natural media such as semi-precious stones, Agerd’s work connects us to higher energies. Her Flow paintings evoke dream-images to shut out the chatter and babble of our culture, allowing the viewer moments of quiet reflection. In these moments, the present is allowed to expand into its fullness, a relief of the burdens brought on by the screen.

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