Galina Agerd was born in Kazakhstan to a creative family, Agerd’s father was a nationally recognized architect, and he trained his daughter to sketch at an early age. Agerd moved to Moscow where she got a degree in World Economy at Moscow State University. Then she moved to London and got Master’s degree in Marketing at Regents University. Followed by MBA at Webster University, London. 


With this education, she launched a successful career in the world of global finance for six years. After reaching great heights of success in the business world, she searched inside and discovered a passion to create. But despite this, she found material success empty.


Agerd embarked on a personal journey studying subjects from psychology to the great mystics, and she rediscovered her passion for art. She began studying painting under mentors and even completed an art course at Christie’s — learning about recent trends in the industry. Taking inspiration from the likes of Rothko and Kandinsky, she experimented endlessly, taking special care to understand the full capabilities of the latest paints and materials. She collected insights from her years of travel, incorporating the multitude of styles and methods seen in various cultures.


Over years of dedicated practice, she developed the Flow method in her London studio. Flow begins by directing small quantities of poured paint across the canvas. Mixing various medias, Agerd crafts striking, colorful vortices and grand cosmic swirls. 


Over these backgrounds she renders archetypal subjects in acrylics, merging this new abstract technique with realist foregrounds. Agerd also began working with precious stones, affixing them to her pieces. These lend her work new energy and dimensionality.


The striking effects of her new Flow method and introduction of stones established her voice, brought into clearer focus through her point-of-view — evoking the power of interior states. And Agerd creates entire series with an emphasis on their interaction with interior design, creating bespoke items to encourage personal reflection and connection to values.

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