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Agerd’s experimentation with stones and her adaptation of the chakra color system are combined here to produce a chart for spiritual progress. The figure is sitting zazen, with each chakra station expanded into the setting beyond the body. In this conception, the interior and exterior have no clear border, and the body is merely a vessel for transformation rather than a prison of flesh.


The use of stones at particu- lar points in the body, collected by color and placed in the corresponding chakra, points to reiki. In this Japanese practice, stones are placed on parts of the body to adjust and recali- brate supple energies. This expands on Agerd’s use of stones in her artwork as a means to heal and transform.

"The Power within"

  • 30*40 inches / 110cm * 90cm

    Mixed media

    Semi-Precios stones and healing Reiki crystals

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