Photography by Elena Vizerskaya

Agerd set aside her career in finance, embracing her calling as an artist. After long years of intense dedication, she emerged with the Flow method — the product of a personal struggle to rediscover the wisdom of meditative silence and wholeness. Her work is the emergence of visions from our collective well of hopes and wisdom. While our material culture insists that the highest good is the newest purchase, Agerd’s painting reminds us that the highest good is carried inside of us, if we only remember to look.

Today, Agerd’s work appears in private collections across Europe and is exhibited to the public. She also works on commission, with work appearing in the Mayfair Club. She is also giving back. She joined the prominent UK charity Children in Crisis and served on it’s Board of Women, and she currently teaches art to children with an emphasis on creative self-expression and building confidence.


Galina is clearly passionate about charitable projects. Formerly giving her time to the Women’s Board of the prominent UK charity, Children in Crisis, which was established by the Duchess of York, she now continues her efforts in providing for children who are less fortunate by leading talks and lessons in the new Flow techniques with young people through a range of other charities.