Photography by ElenaVizerskaya


Galina Agerd’s work explores the pathways out of our attention-hacking consumerist society. As pervasive social media and spectacle debase our ability to live in the moment, we turn more and more to numbing agents to manage the overload — food, drugs, alcohol, even exercise. Our obsession with stimulation and presenting ourselves online erodes our sense of self and our grasp of the grounding, sensuous experiences of a meaningful life. This wall of distraction seals us out of our own inner being. A doorway is needed to get through the noise and back to ourselves. Agerd’s art seeks to build that doorway.


Using natural media like semi-precious stones, Agerd’s work connects us to higher energies. Her Flow paintings evoke the dream-images that shut out the chatter and babble of our culture, allowing the viewer moments of quiet reflection. In these moments, the present is allowed to expand into its fullness, a relief of the burdens brought on by the screen.